MSE 676: All Things Carbon (3 credits)

The syllabus for the All Things Carbon course can be downloaded here (right click and save).

Details: This course will focus on the structure and mechanical, electronic and optical properties of carbon. Grades will be assigned on the basis of two exams, a mid-term and a final, a written assignment, a class presentation, and participation in class discussions, each to be weighed equally.

Homework problems will be assigned but will not be graded. The answers to the problems in each assignment will be discussed at the following lecture.

The topic of the paper will be the critical review of an article in a materials journal selected by the student and approved by the instructors. Each student is encouraged to pick a topic of personal interest or significance.

The class presentation will involve choosing a topic from the list below, finding relevant materials for a thirty minute presentation of the topic (probably based on a review article in a journal, or based on a book chapter), and leading a class discussion of the topic as well as answering questions.

List of suggested presentation topics: Diamond films, Diamond-like carbon films, Carbon fibers, Carbon Nanotubes, Fullerenes, Other topic approved by the Instructor.