Dr. Jacqueline A Johnson, Ph.D. University of Liverpool
Associate Professor
Topics: Synthesis, characterization, and applications of carbon films.
Dr. Jackie Johnson

Dr. William Hofmeister, Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
Research Professor
Director, Center for Laser Applications
Topics: Synthesis, characterization, and applications of diamond.
Dr. William Hofmeister

Dr. Charles Johnson, Ph.D. Oxford University
Research Scientist II
Topics: Optical and electrical properties of diamond films.
Dr. Charles Johnson

Dr. George Murray, Ph.D. University of Tennessee
Research Associate Professor
Topics: Bonding in carbon, nanocrystalline graphite, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, Raman spectroscopy.
Dr. George Murray

Dr. Zhongren Yue, Ph.D. Zhongshan University
Research Associate Professor
Topics: Carbon fibers, carbon composites.
Dr. Zhongren Yue